Number 1 ranking on Google guaranteed

“Number 1 ranking on Google guaranteed” — If someone is selling you this promise in exchange for money, walk away briskly and don’t look back. Nobody, and I mean no SEO specialist or company, can make you that promise. Not even if you pay for it, because Google just doesn’t work like that. This is not fiction, but fact.  In the rare event that you find a way to cheat Google, be prepared for their wrath

Rank higher on Google the legal way

In short, the secret to obtain a higher ranking on Google consists of organic SEO, relevant original website content, user-friendliness and social interest. All these known elements make up your entire website and influences its performance.

From the more than 200 factors that Google considers in indexing and rendering your website in search results, it is clear that a decent web designer is required.

How much does it cost to be listed on Google?

Nothing. It is free. Google has two parts. The one part, which is the main screen with organic search results you see, are free. The smaller results on the side, top and bottom – those you pay for. This service is known as AdWords.

Essentially Google is a directory that you reference topics of interest in. Behind this simple idea is some seriously complicated programming code. When you type “pinetown website designer” into Google and hit search, Google runs through its index looking for websites that has listed itself under “pinetown website designer”. It will first try to match the key phrase exactly, and failing that it will start to look at single keywords, such as “pinetown” “website” “designer”. What appears on your screen is Google’s best guess as to what you are looking for from what is indexed and then it filters down to less relevant results. This is a basic description of how Google indexes a website.

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