Before you hire a web designer, it is good to do a bit of homework first. No two web design companies will offer you the same package. Each package offer is truly unique and this can be very frustrating for a prospective website owner.

To make your life simpler and avoid nasty surprises, herewith is our list of questions you should ask a web designer.

Domain Name Registration

  • Do you offer domain name registration services?
  • How much is the domain fee?
  • Will the domain be registered in my name or the name of the web designer?  (In the event that you and your web designer part ways, it is best to have the domain registered in your own name)

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Website Hosting

  • Does your hosting come with a SSL Certificate? (This certificate guarantees that your site is secure and free of malicious code)
  • How much do you charge for 1Gb hosting? (A website of 5 – 10 pages will not need more space)
  • How many email accounts do I get?
  • Is there an extra fee to setup my email accounts?
  • How many SQL databases does it include? (Most websites require only 1 database)
  • How many backups am I allowed to make? (Your website has to be backed up on a regular basis and it is good to have at least 2 backup slots)
  • Will you provide the required login details to me? (Even if you never access the server, it is wise to have this information available)

Website Design

  • What do you need from me as the website owner?
  • How long will it take to build the site? (Establish a deadline or else it could take much longer than needed)
  • Does your fee include SEO? (Most web designers will charge extra for this since it is not considered part of the design – your website must have SEO done)
  • Does your fee include content updates? (Changes to text, images and additional information might cost you extra.)
  • Does your fee include maintenance such as software updates and website backups? (The software used to build your site with is subject to constant updates and may stop working along the line if not attended to.)
  • Will I be able to see statistics for my website? (A web designer will have analytical tools installed on your site that tracks how many visitors you received, their location, how they found your website, etc.)
  • If I choose to update my own website, will you teach me how? (Web Designers are not pro bono teachers, so don’t assume that you will be trained in using the software.)

Selecting a Web Designer goes far beyond finding the cheapest deal in town. A website represents your company, so why not do it properly from the start.

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