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Blog Design made Easy

If there is a budding writer in you, then a blog might just be the answer for you.

We design a professional and simple to use blog.  Also included is a quick guide (PDF) to get you going with your first blog post in a few simple steps.

 All you have to do is write and publish your blog posts!

What is the difference between a blog and a website?



  • A website has static pages, like Home, About us,  Services, Contact us.
  • Very little new content is added generally.
  • Mostly used by businesses as a point of contact for new customers.


  • A blog only contains the blog posts that you create plus an optional Home page. 
  • Daily updates are best, but blogging about 4 times a week is acceptable.
  • Mostly used by writers as a platform to express themselves, e.g. product reviews, recipes, hobbies, sharing expertise, etc. – anything you feel will be worth reading

Show me blog examples

This is a new service we are offering.

Below are newly signed up bloggers. Some have already posted on their blogs!  New blogs will be added as they become ready.


  1. Indigo Skies
  2. PC Fundi

Making money from blogging

Successful bloggers publish content that attracts readers. Once your blog attracts readers, the easiest way to start earning an income from a blog is affiliate marketing.

Also, have a look at our book recommendations below that will help you blog successfully and/or have advice for earning an income from blogging.

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