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Search Engine Optimisation

We offer onsite and offsite SEO services to enhance relevant website ranking on all major search engines. Without proper SEO your website is invisible to search engines.

SEO is more than a bunch of keywords.

We run a diagnostic test on your website to establish your current SEO score.  Based on the outcome of the diagnostics, we will present you with rock-solid advice to enhance your visibility on search engines like Google.

Diagnostic Results


Your site will be given an overall score out of 10.  The main diagnostic points include:

  • Accessibility:  Tests whether your website is mobile friendly, has good headings and URL’s and uses good colour/text schemes, etc.
  • Experience:  Will your visitors enjoy their visit to your website, does it have decent content, is it easy to navigate, etc.
  • Marketing:  How popular your site is and what marketing is being done, internal and external links, social media interest, etc.
  • Technology:  How well designed and built the website is, are updates done, server behaviour, etc.

Running a diagnostic test on your website will highlight all the elements that require attention.  Often minor changes can have a major impact on the performance and visibility of your website online.

Before we launch a website, we run the same test to ensure peak SEO performance for our clients

SEO is the heart of your website

Keep it strong

Test my website!

Put your website to the test.  Identify areas that require attention.

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