With us your website is hosted on a local secure HTTPS server with free SSL certificate. All servers are hosted locally for optimal performance. 

How much hosting space do you require?

It depends on how many email accounts you need and the space your website uses. Based on averages we recommend the following hosting packages:

  • 2Gb is suitable for 10 email accounts and a 3 – 7 page website
  • 5Gb is suitable for 30 email accounts and a 10 page page website
  • 20Gb is suitable for 80 email accounts and a 100 page website
  • 60Gb is suitable for unlimited email accounts and a 200 page website

R40pm for 2Gb hosting

Can I add more email accounts when needed?

Yes. If your package allows for more email accounts we will happily add them. Every email account takes up a percentage of your hosting capacity. Adding more email accounts may require a package upgrade to accommodate the additional data stored as email. Annual fees for hosting are calculated pro-rata from the time of upgrade.

Can I increase my hosting package when my website grows?

Yes, we will upgrade your package within a few hours of receiving your request. Annual fees for hosting are calculated pro-rata from the time of upgrade.

Can I downgrade to a smaller package?

Hosting fees are paid in advance monthly. In the event that you wish to downgrade to a smaller package we require a month’s notice.  We highly recommend that you select a package for your immediate needs since an upgrade is simple and quick.

How do I get hosting for my website?

Simply contact us when you are ready to setup your domain name and hosting account. We will take care of it for you. If you already own a domain name and would like to host your email and website through us, give us a call.


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