Should I have a Facebook Business page?

The short answer is yes, absolutely. I cannot stress how important it is to have a Facebook Business page. Take a moment and consider the reasons for investing in it, but also be aware of the dark side that comes with it.

3 Good reasons to have a Facebook Business page

1.  Easy and cost effective marketing

Even after 10+ years people still flock to Facebook numerous times a day and thousands keep signing up. What an easy way to advertise your business to people who are glued to their phones and laptops!

For R10.00 a day, you could advertise to 300+ people.

2.  A lack of public opinion is bad for business

An active Facebook page with many Likes, Recommendations and 5 star Ratings create a sense of trust with the general public. In conjunction with your website, your Facebook Business page works to help boost your presence on Google search.

If you have a business website and no Facebook Business page, your online reputation will suffer for it. Search engines, like Google, no longer only look at what you are saying about your business. They now consider what the public thinks of your business too. This fairly new development is exciting and terrible at the same time. 

3.  Claim it before you lose access

If you don’t create a Facebook Business page for your business, then other people or Facebook will create it for you. That’s nice right?

You don’t have any access to the page since you are not regarded as the owner of the page. Dealing with Facebook Support is a nightmare in trying to prove legal ownership of a Facebook page that you didn’t create.

Now imagine your auto-created Facebook page is receiving bad reviews or contains incorrect information. You have no way to respond to the client/customer or correct the information.

While you are at it, also create a Google Business account for the same reasons.  

Be prepared though for the dark side of Facebook Business.

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