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Google AdWords explained

Google AdWords explained

Google AdWords let you appear prominently on Google searches in exchange for payment. Decide on a marketing budget for Google AdWords, create the campaign and rake in new business.┬áThat is the short version. Below are examples of how your business advertisement may appear. How much money should I spend on Google Adwords? An online marketing…

how does google index websites

How does Google index a website?

How long does Google take to index a website? Once your website is uploaded to the internet, the next step would be to tell Google that you have a new website. Google will visit your website to read the content, images, links, headings, tags, keywords and so on. This information is then added to all…


Promote your website

Promote your website. Never assume that people will know you have a website. Businesses often neglect to promote their website in a manner of places where it should be displayed. Online marketing may include The use of Google AdWords to display advertisements to website visitors Find online directories in your area and list your business…

Image of Wordpress logo

WordPress explained in simple terms

What is WordPress? WordPress is an OpenSource platform (free design software) that was developed for bloggers. Since its inception in the late 90’s it has blossomed into a powerful buzzword around web developers and website owners. Currently about 25% of all websites are built on WordPress technology and this number is increasing rapidly. Why is…


The top mistakes website owners make

Business owners can benefit the most from a website and should consider a website as a vital marketing tool. Website visitors are looking for something specific and if your website cannot provide them with the information they seek, chances are good you will not get their business. If you get your website design wrong it…

Content is king on Google

What is website content and why is it important?

Website content refers to information. Information in the form of relevant text and images. The information and images you publish is indexed by Google when it visits your website for the first time, and thereafter. Google reads your content like any normal person would, then tries to make sense of it and places it in…

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