Terms and Conditions


  • Written quotations are valid for 14 days from date of issue
  • Acceptance of the quote requires payment of the first instalment
  • Full contact details are required for the purpose of compiling a quotation, e.g. Name, Surname, Physical Address, Contact Numbers, Email Address

Payments and Invoices

  • Invoices are issued electronically by email around the 25th of every month
  • Payment is due by the last day of the month. Failure to make payment within the permitted timeframe will lead to the suspension of services
  • Payment that is overdue by 1 month will lead to the purging of all services and accompanying data


  • Please notify us immediately if you no longer wish to continue with a service. Failure to do so will incur additional costs
  • The service will be cancelled on the date you specify
  • Some services, e.g. hosting, cannot be undone once cancelled since all the data will be deleted

Domain Registration

  • Once a domain is registered, it cannot be changed. A new registration is required. Clients are urged to ensure that they provide us with a correct domain name
  • A registered domain is valid for 12 months. Domain renewal is required on an annual basis and a fee applies
  • Domain renewal fees are payable 1 month in advance
  • Domain cancellation notices should be made 1 month in advance


  • Hosting space is provided on a local shared server
  • A free SSL Certificate is issued with hosting
  • Space is charged for on a per Gigabyte basis
  • Server uptime is 99%, but this cannot be guaranteed
  • Additional hosting space is subject to fees

Website / Blog Design

  • Content for the website/blog is the responsibility of the client
  • Website content should not be illegal or discriminating in any way
  • In the case of a CMS package, we will not be held responsible for any unwanted changes the client makes to the website/blog

Website / Blog Updates

  • Once the project is signed over to the client charges will be incured for additional work that didn’t form part of the original project scope

eMail Accounts

  • Each hosting package allows for a certain number of email accounts
  • eMail accounts should not be used to send spam or bulk mail
  • eMail accounts will be created on the server and the required information passed on to the client
  • Clients are responsible for setting up email accounts on their respective devices, such as a smart phone, laptop, tablet, etc. 
  • No records of account passwords are retained by us. In the event that a client lost an account password, a new password will be generated and supplied

Support and Maintenance

  • Software updates will be conducted at least once per month
  • Software and data backups will be conducted at least once per week
  • Server faults is reported immediately and is usually resolved in 24 hours
  • Customer support is offered electronically via email, whatsapp, sms or a voice call for faults relating to subscribed services
  • Support and Maintenance should not be confused with training. Clients are reminded that CMS products do not include training in using the product.
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