The most important aspect of your website is content. Everything else takes second place, even SEO.

How easy is it to read your website content?

Search engines check the readability of a website. Sentences should make sense. Text should be easy to read. Herewith is our list of tips when you write content for a website.

1. Use short sentences

This does not mean you should not write content at all. It also does not mean that you should use bullet points. You should write full sentences, but aim to keep them as short as possible.

Long-winded sentences could bore a website visitor or they might struggle to understand your point.

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2. Keep it simple

Write like you are talking to a child using simple language. Visitors will leave if it’s hard to understand words or terminology. An example of using simple language – “I was beguiled by the necromancer” should rather be “I was dazzled by the magician”.

In cases where you cannot avoid using terminology and technical terms, take the time to explain it. Website visitors who are familiar with the terminology you use will skip the explanatory parts, while others will be happy for the explanation.

3. Use paragraphs

Break long parts of text into short paragraphs. Three or four sentences per paragraph will break the text up, making it easier to read.

When viewing your website on a mobile device, long paragraphs will fill the screen. This makes reading feel like hard work and the visitor might leave.

4. Just be yourself

Don’t try to sound like a writer, just be yourself when you write the content for your site. Trying too hard to impress will backfire.

Be professional, but take on a relaxed style in which you have a conversation with your website visitor rather than trying to impress them.

5. Grammar and Spelling

Misspelled words and poor grammar might not offend all your website visitors, but it will count against you for SEO purposes. Take the time to check your spelling and use of the correct words and punctuation.

A great tool to use is Grammarly. It is a writing assistant that highlights errors in your text.

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6. The 5 marketing basics

The famous 5 marketing basics are known as Who, What, When, Where, Why and an extra How. Your website content should aim to at the very least answer these questions.

Some examples of how you can apply this in writing content for your website:

  • Who are you and your business
  • What are you offering, teaching, selling or buying
  • Where are you and your services
  • When are you open
  • Why should your business / product / service be trusted
  • How can people get hold of you

This concludes our tips for writing website content.  If you found the information helpful, please Like it and share with others, or leave a comment.

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