Our web design approach

We prefer to communicate with clients via email or telephone – who has time to drive around and meet! But if you insist, we can do coffee.

To design a great website we learn about your business, about you and about your customers.

We will discuss your requirements, expectations and budget for the project. Any questions and concerns are communicated and clarified. A timeframe for the project will be set.

If you are still on board at this stage, we will issue a quote / pro forma invoice for the project. A deposit fee is required to secure the project.

Depending on your requirements, domain registration and hosting will be scheduled. If you do your own hosting, we will require access to the domain.

This is followed by the actual design of the website. You will be granted back stage entrance to view the site while it is being created. It will remain invisible to the public until it is published.

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Simplicity is an experience. It happens in the user’s head. User-friendly design is whatever your users think it is. It’s their experience that determines if something is simple to use.
Steven Bradley – author and designer

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