Our Design Philosophy

web design philosophy

Simplicity is an experience. It happens in the user’s head. User-friendly design is whatever your users think it is. It’s their experience that determines if something is simple to use.
Steven Bradley – author and designer

Timeless, clean and elegant web design. 

A website has a purpose, whether it be to inform, entertain, educate or invite a website visitor. The information and images should matter to the website visitor. It must correlate with the purpose thereof. Easy-to-follow navigation ensure website visitors do not become lost. 

Attract the right audience and turn them into clients.

The benefits of simplicity in design

  • Website visitors can immediately see what they are looking for
  • The website achieves its purpose when a website visitor is not distracted from the message
  • Website owners are able to update and maintain a website with ease
  • No need to facelift a website every 6 months – classic is timeless
  • Websites load faster and take up less server space
  • Websites display correctly on any screen size
  • Google and other search engines prefer sleeker websites


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