Website content refers to information. Information in the form of relevant text and images. The information and images you publish is indexed by Google when it visits your website for the first time, and thereafter.

Google reads your content like any normal person would, then tries to make sense of it and places it in the index which users can search through. Google also looks at all the pictures on your website, reads their content labels to learn what the image is about and then indexes the images too, which users can search through.

Google is a pure geek – it cares about information, knowledge and technical correctness. Too much “pretty” actually irritates Google as it makes it harder to find the information. When a page takes longer to load, you essentially lose points with Google for wasting time.


What is good content?

Good website content is the information that your future customers will want to learn about. Good content is written for the customer and not for the website owner, nor for Google.

The secret to great content writing is knowledge about your customers. When you know what your future customers will want to see and read on your website, you will most likely get their attention. Company vision and mission statements are useless to your customers. They are more interested in where you are, what you offer, how much you offer it for and a good reason why they should do business with you. Offer your visitors free advice and pre-empt frequently asked questions.

Good content will help your SEO considerably.

Content is anything that adds value to the reader’s life.
Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google

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